Hunger's Kitchen By Arome

100 Beach Road, #01-01 Shaw Towers, Singapore 189702

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Hunger's Kitchen by Arome in Singapore is a bistro restaurant serving fusion cuisine at affordable prices. Whether dining for lunch or dinner, customer can enjoy a range of diverse vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes when visiting this restaurant.


Borne out of a desire to push the boundaries of Fusion Asian European dining, Hunger’s Kitchen By Arome by Chef-Owner Andy Cheng serves up European-inspire cuisine in a communal atmosphere sans the elaborate frills. On a mission to break down misconceptions that French food is synonymous with upscale fare, Hunger’s Kitchen By Arome presents a simplified dining experience while retaining the values of quality, impeccable service and interaction between the chef and guests.

Hunger’s Kitchen By Arome stands for the aromatic scent of food that excites senses and enhances appetite even before consumption, bringing about greater pleasure when indulging in the delectable flavours and taste of the cuisine.


Hunger’s Kitchen By Arome’s cuisine showcases Chef Andy's forte of cooking up a medley of innovative European fare with an Asian touch. Through a process of refining the fusion recipes, Hunger’s Kitchen By Arome’s dishes brings a taste familiar for the local taste buds and acquaints diners with European cuisine.

The cuisine is a reflection of Chef Andy’s exacting standards and unwavering approach to the fundamental elements of his dishes. Showcasing his dedication to each component, the menu features a vast majority of products house-made from scratch using quality ingredients. The dishes are skillfully executed with precise consistency and plated with a hint of delicate aesthetics to create a delightful meal in unison.